4th International L-Number-Days
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We are happy to invite you to the 4th International L-Number-Days, which will take place in Hannover, Germany, from October 30th to November 1st, 2015.

Does an event like the L-Number-Days still make sense?

Panaqolus albivermis L 204

This is an legitimate question facing the decreasing interest in this type of fish monitored over the last few years. Generally, the hobby fish-keeping has been considerably affected by low numbers of fish due to missing imports, which years ago triggered the huge interest in catfish. This fact has lead not only to a stagnation but unfortunately also made some of the fish keepers lose their interest into this fish type.

However, nevertheless, a significantly active group of catfish friends worldwide still puts a lot of effort into the keeping and breeding of these interesting ornamental fish. Moreover, there are still loads of exciting subjects about catfish which are worth considering in presentations. Two special questions that are on the catfish keepers ´mind refer to the effects of the dam construction on the Rio Xingu and to the problem with the choice of names related to the black and white striped Hypancistrus species. Last but least, the increasing number of guests at the L- Number-Days strongly speaks in favor of this event.

How “international” is this event?

Hypancistrus sp. L 174At the first three L-Number-Days events we were happy to welcome a huge number of catfish friends from abroad. No less than 160 guests were represented by 16 nations last year. Some crazy fish friends even came from Indonesia, Singapore, the United States and New Zealand to the the L-Number-Days. However, the majority of our guests came from Europe, from our neighbor states especially. In a nutshell, fish keeping links people worldwide, which we are very proud of.

Looking at the numerous participants confirmed, most of whom have already participated in the last three events, it becomes clear that this year’s event will be at least as international as the years before.

Of course, this year, too, all presentations will be interpreted simultaneously into English and vice versa making sure all of our guests can follow and join the presentations.

How is the financial support of the L- Number-Days?

Once again, our guests can look forward to a various and entertaining program with popular speakers from all over the world. Since, however, the participants fees are far not enough to support such an extraordinary event and the fact that we would like to keep the fees at a minimum as much as possible despite the huge effort, we have worked hard to find further financial support. And our effort has paid off. Again our top supporters will be the following companies: Panta Rhei GmbH and JBL and in the area of media MS-Verlag (publisher). Besides these companies also ZZF and some other supportes have already confirmed their financial contribution. However, we still continue to look for further financial support of our event.

What will be different this time?

Pseudacanthicus sp. L 97After the last event we received some feedback and new ideas to improve our event, which we greatly appreciate and which we tried to implement as far as possible. Above all, we have managed to improve the technical and acoustic quality of the presentations moving our event to a different hotel. Luckily, the new hotel is under the same management so the staff can thus benefit from the experience from the previous events while organizing the new one. Therefore, our guests can look forward to the usual comfort. Further, this hotel boasts room for up to 400 people and is situated in the south of Hannover, close to the exhibition grounds where the EXPO 2000 took place. Thus enough room and good transport connections can be guaranteed.

Further, we plan to introduce an open forum with catfish scientists, experts and breeders where all of your subjects can be discussed and questions answered.

Last but not least, as usually you can fill out your participation form on our homepage via the online shop. As every year, you can book individual event days.

We hope that the L-Number-Days 2015 meet your interest. We would be happy to welcome you as our guest! 

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